Alienation As A Major Supporter And Advocate Of Communism

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Alienation in “Office Space” Karl Marx is primarily known as a major supporter and advocate of communism. In Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844, we find his piece “Estranged Labor.” In this writing, Marx explains further why he believes that communism is superior, or more so, why capitalism is defective. He claims capitalism is flawed specifically in regards to the producer, or worker. He describes this by explaining that “the whole of society must fall apart into the two classes—property owners and propertyless workers” (Marx). In which the propertyless workers become alienated. He then goes on to describe the four different forms of estrangement, or alienation, of the worker. They are alienation of the worker from his product, alienation of the worker from the act of producing, alienation from, what Marx calls, the worker’s “species being”, and alienation of the worker from other workers. All of these theories can easily be applied to Mike Judge’s film, Office Space. The alienation of the worker from his product suggests that the worker is essentially a slave to his own creation. Marx states, “The devaluation of the world of men is in direct proportion to the increasing value of the world of things” (Marx). Therefore, the higher the product is valued, the less value the worker has as an individual. Marx brings up a few other points in regards to this. One major point is that the worker is unable to use his own creativity in the construction the product. In
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