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Alienation Alienation is defined as; isolation from a group or an activity to which one should belong or in which one should be involved, but the definition can change depending on a person’s experience. Alienation can come across in many different feeling’s such as powerlessness – helpless and ineffectual, meaninglessness – having no significance, normlessness – lack of social norms, cultural estrangement and social isolation. In the three chosen texts; “Enter Without So Much As Knocking” by Bruce Dawe, “Capitalism and Alienation” by Danielle Pioli and “ Be My Brother” by Geneueve Clay, alienation is forced upon the characters by external forces. In the poem “Enter Without So Much As Knocking” by Bruce Dawe, the alienation…show more content…
In contrast to the pig the worker’s clothes are painted dirty and unclear brush work has been used. This brings a sense of self-estrangement to the picture, as the worker doesn’t care about his work otherwise the clothes will be clean. “Capitalism and Alienation” by Danielle Pioli is much like “Enter Without So Much As Knocking” by Bruce Dawe. They both show that alienation is caused by external forces and both shows that these types of alienation, powerlessness and meaninglessness are mainly caused by society how it values money. The third text is a short film called “Be My Brother” by Geneueve Clay. The alienation present in this film, like the other texts, is caused by external forces. In contrast to the two texts, the film show the cause of this alienation is a stereotypical point of view towards the main character Richard. This causes Richard to be socially alienated throughout the film. There are also signs of cultural estrangement and family alienation. In the establishing shot, alienation is created through the main character Richard. This is shown through the many camera techniques, such as close up of hand as gun and how it follows up Richards arm to his face, which has distinct Down syndrome features. The scene shows Richard, alone on the foreshore, amusing himself with his play acting. This immediately alienates Richard from the other people because he is not concerned with his
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