Alienation In The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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“The Color Purple” written by Alice Walker is a story highlighting the values and ideals of the culture and society in the beginning of the 20th century. During this time period certain women were alienated from society due to their clothes, beliefs, and their actions. Although every woman in this book was alienated from society the extent of alienation differed depending on how their words and actions were perceived by society.
Starting off with one person that was specifically alienated from society and gravely hurt due to her action was Sofia, Harpo's wife. From the start Sofia is a big strong lipped girl raised in a rough environment (Much like many of the women that come out of this story) who primarily doesn’t take smack from anyone, refuses to be hit without the opportunity to hit back, and most of all isn’t afraid of men as Celie and Nettie are. In this particular time period women were socially accepted if they were quiet, did chores, listened to their husbands, and overall accept that men are superior to them. Sofia frankly ignored all of these things and although Harpo tried many times to “tame” her oftentimes than not he was unsuccessful and was left with bruises to indicate his failure. Ultimately Sofia’s actions didn’t only affect her, they also affected Celie one of the four noteworthy women in “The Color Purple.” Celie had the perfect mix of jealousy and admiration when it came to Sofia, she wanted to be the same as Sofia when it came to men and putting them
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