Alienation Is Not A New Thing

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Alienation is best described as a powerful feeling of isolation and loneliness, which stems from a variety of causes such as certain events and situations in society or in a persons individual life (“Alienation”). The extent in which a person is alienated varies from mild to severe often depending on the specific trigger. Most commonly, the feeling of not fitting in with others and being different causes alienation. However, in some instances a certain life changing event or the accumulation of internal feelings may cause a person to try and escape from reality. This ultimately results in self-triggered alienation them from the outside world. This is why, although alienation is not necessarily a bad thing, in long-term cases it can have a very negative effect on a person’s self-confidence and happiness. The common occurrence of alienation is not a new thing. Although more recently noticed in current social situations, people have been experiencing this state of isolation throughout all of history. Due to the modernist movement of the twentieth century, countless pieces of literature explore the effects that alienation on fictional characters in order to mimic reality. Breaking away from conformism, the initial drive of individualistic thinking created a sense of alienation for those rejecting social norms until the final break through occurred in society. Authors of the twentieth century that successfully grasp this overarching theme of alienation include Albert
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