Essay on Alienation and Isolation in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Alienation and Isolation Alienation and isolation have been apparent in society since the beginning of man. When an individual stumbles outside the realm of social normality they are viewed as degradation to society or a threat to normal society.(“Truthmove” 2012) In the gothic tale of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley frequently displays the many different forms of alienation. Victor Frankenstein and his creation were two of the characters in this book that went through alienation and isolation. Victor experiences alienation regularly throughout the majority of his life. From an early age Victor Frankenstein isolated himself from the outside world. While not engaged in his studies of natural philosophy Victor could be found in the…show more content…
In the end, Victor finds himself in the company of Walton, where he tells him the misfortunes of his solitary life and about the monster that he created and in turn destroyed his life. Victor’s creation was another character in this story that experienced alienation and isolation. The monster was subjected to alienation his entire life. Unlike his creator, the monster did not choose this life of segregation, he was born into it. It seemed as if from the very first moment that Victor had laid eyes upon his creation he was viewed as being an abomination, and condemned to a life of rejection. The first experience that the monster had in life was upon opening his eyes and seeing the look of terror in his creator’s eyes. After Victor had abandoned his creation the creature is left with only questions and no one to answer them. It seems as if all that the creature really wants is companionship and to be an accepted member of society. In the beginning the creature did not harbor any mal-intent, but society could not see who he was on the inside; they could only see his monstrous outward appearance. In the creature’s second experience with alienation he innocently wanders out into the city. The citizens of the village were truly horrified by the sight of the hideous creature. Some pummeled him with stones while others fled in fear. For Victor’s creation this was just another sign that he could never be
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