Aliens Are Not Real Research Paper

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Aliens aren’t real. My first reason is because they’re Fallen Angels (Demons), this s a fact. Aliens bodies aren’t like ours just as demons bodies aren’t like ours either, they’re spiritual beings. It explains how they move so fast, it explains their supernatural abilities, their fallen angels from heaven. They are smart enough to posses a human’s body and make them do things in unnatural ways, to make us continue wondering if aliens do exist and not think outside the box. They know how we think, because they’ve been human before, they know what we want to believe and don’t. Demons are the only things known to do such devious acts. Reason 2, do you know those picture people post on social media about “aliens” marking fields with weird looking symbols. As paragraph 1 states, “ They are smart enough to possess a human’s body and make them do things.” After doing that the person wakes up the next day and sees something unusual and takes a picture of it and posts it saying “aliens” visited his or her house. Everyone knows that only deserted grassy areas and farmers fields have that big of space just to do all of that. However, what if it’s not just spiritual beings. Reason 3, it’s people and computers making…show more content…
The things they leave behind isn’t real, so people do it to make themselves get a lot of shares and likes on social media. The things humanity does today, like computer generating things to make us believe it’s there. Another thing is just plain faking it to make us think people really seen something. So in conclusion aliens are just an illusion and spiritual beings and a fake, which proves humanity today is so naive that we constantly put things that aren’t real and make questions for people to answer and start believing it, just to entertain
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