Aliens : Are They Real?

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Aliens: Are They Real? A recent telephone study that involved 1,000 Americans concluded that 60 percent of Americans that partook in the study, believed in aliens (Malik n.p.). For the longest time, aliens were considered to be mythical stories told by campfires or in science fiction movies. Over time, people actually started to believe in these green extraterrestrial beings, thinking they rode around in UFO’s and abducted humans along the way. Aliens have been featured in many movies and tv shows throughout history. Some examples of aliens portrayed in media is the following: E.T, Aliens, and Alien Abduction, and The X-Files. Today, many people still believe in aliens; however, they do not exist. There are many details that support the argument that aliens do not exist including the following: there are no clear images that prove aliens exist, there are other explanations for claimed alien sightings and abductions, and a number of scientists who believe aliens exist are not reliable. It will take a lot more than nonfactual claims to prove that there is life beyond Earth, to prove that aliens exist. There have been no factual claims with evidence that have the power to prove that aliens exist, and until there is, they do not exist. For years, there have been pictures of blurred images that people have claimed to be aliens. There are also blurred pictures of what look like UFO’s, but most of the time, the images can be explained or have clearly been tampered with. An…

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