Aligning HRM & Business strategies

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Assignment 1: Alignment of HRM & Business Strategies Course: Strategic Human Resource Management 530 Date: 10/24/2013 Instructor: Name of School: Propose how you would ensure the HR strategy is in alignment with the business strategy. Since its very first round of commercial flights in the summer of June 1971; Southwest was initially founded on the basis as a “low-cost” provider without compromising quality of service.. Its popular low-fares made air travel more affordable that captured an underserved demographic proportion, especially during the economic “melt-down” of 2008 (Gamble & Thompson, 2008). Besides low-cost fares; Southwest’s second core business strategy…show more content…
Training: Besides the federally mandated FAA training program; Southwest’s curriculum were designed and conducted by the actual input of former, retired and current employees. Some of the courses conducted are: safety, communications, stress management, career mapping & development, leadership and managing your finances. Promotion & Compensation: 70 to 80% of Southwest’s supervisory positions are filled internally. The promotion process includes a satisfactory job performance, good managerial review and employees recommendations. Southwest also offers courses aimed at cultivating and developing potential managers and supervisors for the future. Compensation: Southwest pay-scale exceeds the industry average and in 2009 the median hourly pay-rate averaged between $ 35 for flight attendants, $45 for aircraft mechanics and service technicians, and $ 25 for customer service and baggage handlers (Gamble & Thompson, 2008). Determine which HR job positions you would prefer and explain why. Employee relations: presents a unique opportunity of working with the various unions teams as well as addressing pressing issues that may have an significant impact of overall company
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