Aligning Objectives For Types Of Strategy

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Aligning objectives to types of strategy At the core of strategy is the process of linking the objectives and outcomes that the Nation hopes to achieve in using military power. The linking is a vital step as to what type of approach to use given its understanding of the conflict. Within the context of OAF and OIF, the United States used two different types of military power, more specifically, brute force was used in OIF and coercive force used in OAF. Let’s begin with explaining each concept, first coercive force and then brute force. Within his article, Strategies of Coercion: Denial, Punishment, And the Future of Air Power, Karl Mueller provides the difference between each type of force. He describes coercion force as the ability to apply enough force to convince his adversary to change course, whereas, he explained that Mr. Thomas Shelling characterized “brute force” as using enough force to cause the adversary to alter his/her course completely. (Mueller, p. 184 Lesson 11 Reading 2) There is another aspect of coercive power that must be described and that is in the approach used against the target. Again within Mueller’s article, a punishment attitude is described as selecting those objects that will cause pain to alter the current behavior of the adversary, conversely, a denial approach is one in which targets are selected to preclude the adversary the use or benefit of the target thus decreasing his ability to win (Mueller, pp. 185-186 Lesson 11 Reading 2)

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