Alisha Abdullah: India's First and Only Female Motorcycle Racer

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A Fast Woman in a Man’s World
The go-fast girl from south central Asia, Alisha Abdullah, is officially the first and only female professional motorcycle racer in India. It is extraordinarily difficult for women to achieve success in any career in male-dominated India, one of the most female-oppressive countries in the world. Additionally, Ms. Abdullah faces consternation among Muslim men, who base their mistreatment of females on their religious beliefs. When asked how she feels about the uphill struggle she endures, Alisha said, "It’s all in your mind! Nothing is impossible! I got put down, mocked, and what not, but I believe that’s how you become stronger.” (1)
Alisha started racing at age 9 on go-karts and she was winning races at
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One of the first to teach women only classes is California Superbike School.(4) Other schools you might consider are listed HERE.

Don't Forget to Bring the Right Gear Along
Before you head out for Track Day you should check with the school about allowable or recommended riding apparel and/or motorcycle modifications (if you're taking your own bike ). In addition to renting the bikes, most, if not all, operators will have proper equipment available for rent. If your stuff doesn't meet the guidelines, you can save money on anything you need in the way of motorcycle accessories at BikeBandit, one of the biggest motorcycle parts distributors on the internet. (5) A word of advice for before you're on the track, going 200 mph: equip yourself with the most expensive personal safety items you can afford, then raise the price by 10 percent. With motorcycle racing accoutrements, you usually do get what you pay for, so generally the more it costs the better it is.

Join a Club
You should join one or more of the national racing organizations in order to participate in their rides and races. One is the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), the mac-daddy of motorsports racing events, from little kids' motocross to International Moto GP championships. For more races at the amateur level (they have Pro Series' as well), contact WERA Motorcycle Roadracing. WERA headquarters are in Canton, GA but
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