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The search for and importance of family and identity of the Calum Ruadh clan in Alistair MacLeod's No Great Mischief is significant to the concept of blood being thicker than water. The importance of family, as indicated in No Great Mischief, is very apparent in regards to the main point of prominence in this deeply emotional Gaelic- Canadian tale. An idea that arises No Great Mischief[, is MacLeod’s ability to prove to the readers that it is impossible to talk about the Scottish-Canadian heritage without mentioning family history, loyalty and bonds. It is common for an individual to discuss all three factors when discussing family or one’s past in general. However, in No Great Mischief, MacLeod successfully…show more content…
These ongoing political/social up risings led to the emigration of the Highlanders. After the uprising at Culloden, things became far more treacherous for the Highlanders. In this period Alexander MacDonald's family clan immigrated to Canada. This transition to the New World was very challenging because it changed their way of living. The Calum Ruadh were men of war; however, when brought to the New World, an alteration was made to their way of life causing them to comply with the enemies that ran them out of their homeland Scotland. This enemy was the British, who found good use of the clan by making them soldiers of the British Empire. Calum Ruadh fit their new role perfectly, as they played a pivotal role for the British in the Seven Years' War, and fought alongside the great General James Wolfe in the French and Indian War. Although, the clan performed as the General expected, he did not trust them. In fact, he believed that the Calum Ruadh were expendable in battle, despite their fighting experience. Many of the Calum Ruadh clan settled in Nova Scotia which is Latin for 'New Scotland'. The MacDonald family settled in Cape Breton , which is well known for its own highlands. Those past events set the scene for the occurrences in No Great Mischief. “Always look after your own blood" is a prominent saying used by the MacDonald family in No Great Mischief to express their

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