All About Atlas Research Paper

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Haylee Camarda
English 9/ Period 6
12 October 2016
All About Atlas Atlas is not one of the Olympians, he is the Titan God of navigation and astronomy. Aaron J. Atsma, creator and editor of website Theoi Greek Mythology: Exploring Mythology In Literature and Art states that Atlas was also the god who taught mankind in the art of astronomy, a device that was used by sailors in navigation on their ships and by farmers to measure the seasons throughout the year.These roles were usually put together and showed how Atlas became the god who turned the earth and sky on their axis, which caused the stars to move in the universe. Since the earth was on a tilted axis, it gave us our seasons Summer, Spring Winter and Fall throughout the year which we still experience until this day.
The origin of Atlas is pretty much the same from any sources hey you read. He is the son of Lapetus and Clymene. Lapetus was his father and was a Titan. Clymene was the mother and
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One myth said by Allen, Peter J, writer from the website God Checker Atlas states that Hercules asked Atlas to go fetch him golden apples while he, and Athena, took the world onto his shoulders for the time Hercules was gone, giving the Titan a welcome respite (Rand). Hercules went out to get the apples and once he returned, Atlas was about to give him the Earth again but Hercules would not accept from Atlas. Perhaps with the understanding that, when returning with the golden apples, Atlas was unwilling to recommence the burden of carrying the world. Although, Hercules tricked the god into swapping places for a short period of time, while the hero got himself some cushions to more easily withhold the tremendous weight (Allen). That is how Atlas got the astounding responsibility of holding the heavens upon his shoulders, Hercules would not take the world back from
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