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Tell Me About Blood

1.) What is the significance of lower-than-normal hematocrit? Lower-than-normal hematocrit indicates anemia. People with anemia do not have enough hemoglobin, which is the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells. Iron, B12, and folic acid deficiencies, some medications, and pregnancy can cause anemia. There are also more serious causes such as problems with the immune system that cause destruction of red blood cells earlier than normal, chronic diseases including kidney disease and cancer, and problems with bone marrow found in leukemia and lymphoma (MedlinePlus:Anemia, 2012).
What is the effect of a bacterial infection on the hematocrit? A bacterial infection, which raises white blood cell
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Which factors speed up and slow down erythropoiesis? Oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) detected by the kidneys increases erythropoiesis. This stimulates the kidneys to release more erythropoietin. It circulates through the blood to the bone marrow and speeds up the production of proerythroblasts into reticulocytes. Erythropoiesis slows down when there is sufficient oxygen delivery to the kidneys and tissues (Jenkins, Kemnitz, & Tortora, 2010).
4.) Explain what would happen if a person with type B blood were given a transfusion of type O blood. Type O blood carries neither antigen A nor antigen B and is known as the “universal donor” because of this. Therefore, there would be no negative reaction if a person with type B blood were transfused with type O blood (Jenkins, Kemnitz, & Tortora, 2010).
5.) During an anatomy and physiology exam you are asked to view white blood cells in prepared slides of standard human blood smears. Based on the observations below, what is the name and function of each WBC?
a.) WBC has a round nucleus surrounded by a blue halo of cytoplasm with no visible granules. These are lymphocytes (T cells, B cells, and natural killer cells). Lymphocytes mediate immune responses, such as antigen-antibody reactions. B cells develop into plasma cells, which then secrete antibodies. T cells attack viruses, cancer cells, and transplanted tissue cells. Natural killer cells

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