All About Eve

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All About Eve Eve is a character which represents personal ambition and manipulation. The character is a person who is willing to do anything necessary to get what she wants and has, apparently, no remorse or feelings of guilt for her actions. Watching this movie I saw that All About Eve was also all about me. In watching this movie I personally saw Eve of a sort of mirror to my own manipulative tendencies. As I watched how carefully the character chose her words, and moved in a certain way in order to obtain precisely the reaction desired for those around her. I thought of how often I have done the same things myself. I thought of how often I have carefully selected what I told others about me in order to create a certain desired…show more content…
This character, Eve, has brought forth a great deal of thought and self-examination in my mind. I think that this films creators made a dangerous choice in the way that they ended their movie. I think that it is dangerous be-cause they do not leave Eve in a sad, poor or apologetic state. At the end of the movie Eve has a nice apartment, a flourishing career and has succeeded in her plot to raise to the top of the entertainment world. This leaves a viewer, like my-self, to decide for themselves what to do, whether to follow the path of Eve or to turn away from it. The ending leaves the "bad guy" in a fairly happy position, thus blurring how the viewer should feel about her. Leaving this as they did, the message of the movie could be taken as either, You will lose all of your friends and be a bad person if you are manipulative, as Eve is, or You will get whatever you want, if you are manipulative, as Eve

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