All About Ghost Hunt

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However, her immature view of the supernatural changes when she stumbles upon Kazuya Shibuya, a seventeen-year old male who is highly knowledgeable about paranormal activities. Despite his age, he is the owner of Shibuya Psychic Research—a business that investigates haunted sites and unravels the mysteries behind them accordingly. When Mai accidently injures his assistant, she is forced to fill in for him, and thus begins her journey and profession as a ghost hunter. Soon joined along by an unsuspected shrine maiden, a television-star median, an Australian exorcist, and a rock n’ roll-styled Buddhist monk, this quirky group is eager to explore many haunted sites together, or so they initially thought…
Creepy, blood-chilling, startling, and yet, sometimes warming and even witty, Ghost Hunt is an all-around pleasurable series to watch. The series contains approximately twenty-five episodes with several story-arcs which transition nicely into one another, providing a smooth linkage from one investigation to the next as our protagonists search to uncover the mysteries of ghostly habitations. The pace at which the anime unfolds is constructed almost flawlessly; the story flows well and is spaced out evenly enough in order to build up enough suspense to terrify viewers out of their wits before moving onto the next monster.
This anime is by no means dull. In…
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