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Microsoft Visual Basic is new evolution in current era, whenever we need to develop any window-based application then we use VB. There have a lot of versions in VB like VB.6, VB.7, VB.NET etc & we use VB.6 version to make this project. The basic idea of introducing visual Basic to the world was to provide a rapid Application Development Environment to the developer. Visual basic provides the first example of successful component object modeling programming in which third Party available components could be added to provide additional functionality. It provides support for ODBS and RDO data access methods. Which has brought Visual Basic into a realm of serious development tools? Through this Language Web Browser based application can be …show more content…
The process followed in making this determination is called a feasibility study. This type of study determines if a project can and should be taken. Once it has been determined that a project is feasible, the analyst can go ahead and prepare the project specification which finalizes project requirements. The preliminary investigation we have examined in implementing the ‘COMPLETE BANKING SYSTEM’ to examine the project feasibility. In the conduct of the feasibility study we have considered five distinct, but interrelated types of feasibility. They are: -
1. Technical feasibility
2. Economical feasibility
3. Operational feasibility
4. Management feasibility
5. Time feasibility

Technical feasibility :
This is concerned with specifying equipment and software that will successfully satisfy the user requirement. The technical issues are tested to see if the project is feasible. We have examined to see if the proposed equipment has the technical capacity to hold the data required. The technical needs of this system are:
Ability to process a large volume of data transaction, to fulfill this purpose the application is developed using visual basic as front end and MS-Access as back end database. Economical feasibility :
We have observed the most important information contained in feasibility study is cost benefit analysis- an assessment of the economic justification for a computer based system project.
1. Cost-saving benefits.
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