All About the Brake-Assist System Essay

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The Brake Assisted System
The purpose of the brake assisted system
The purpose of the brake assisted system is assist when the user applies force to the brake pedal that is not sufficient enough to stop the vehicle. Based on the speed and force to which the brake pedal is pressed, the brake assisted system will detect if an emergency is taking place or could have taken place. The brake assist system increases the brake pressure until the ABS regulation intervenes to prevent the wheels from locking. This way the greatest possible braking effect can be achieved and the brake path can be shortened significantly.
There are two types of brake assist system which are as follows:
1. The hydraulic brake assist system
2. The mechanical brake
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The trigger threshold is presented in the graph. In the green area above this trigger threshold, the brake assist system is active. 1. Calculate the benefits of using brake assisted system.
Using brake assisted system can prevent your brakes and wheel from locking and furthermore causing an accident to occur. In situation where the vehicle in front of you stop suddenly; the function of the brake assisted system is to prevent you from losing control.
2. How much actually exert in the brake when using manual braking system?
If we were to take a look at a situation where the piston in the master cylinder is pushes 40mm with 10N force. It is understood that the slave piston will then move 10mm with a force of 40N. Now, that force can be further increased by inserting a lever connected between piston, pedal and pivot point. Note that, if the distance from the pedal to the pivot is 3 times the distance from the pivot to the connected piston, then it multiplies the pedal force by a factor of 3, as the user is pushing down on the pedal.
In case of a user who pushes pedal 120mm down with 10N force, 30N force will be applied to the master piston and slave piston move the brake pad by 10mm of a force of 120N.

3. How much actually exert in the brake when using power system?
When the diaphragm moves towards the lower pressure chamber it creates a force in relation to the area of the diaphragm and the differential pressure. This force that has
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