All About the Country Slovenia

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Population Slovenia’s population as of 2012 was just over 2 million. The country has recently been facing demographic issues, which include aging and a low birth rate. Slovenia’s population is slowly declining. While families used to be large, they have been shrinking over the past few decades. Both birth and mortality rates have been shrinking, and there is a concern about the low birth rate. 1993 was the first year to see a negative demographic trend. Since 1993 the population of Slovenia has been increasing solely on immigration. The birth rate has been negative since 1993. There were 21,856 children born (1.53 children per woman), and 18,750 persons deceased in 2009. An interesting fact about the children of Slovenia is that many are born out of wedlock. Between 250,000 and 400,000 Slovenes live outside Slovenia. Slovenia took last place in the EU for marriage rate with only 3.2 marriages per 1000 population. Slovenia took third to last in divorce rate with only 1.1 divorces per 1000 population, losing only Italy and Ireland.The literacy rate of Slovenia is 99.7%. Climate Climate in slovenia varies from season to season, and landscape to landscape. Three climatic influences meet in the country at varying landscapes. A harsh Alpine climate prevails in the mountains, with year-round cold. The coast has a sub-Mediterranean climate which makes it very mild. The final climate in Slovenia is found in the north-east lowlands, which have a continental climate, which
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