All Actions Are Governed By Morality

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Chaz Jenkins
Research Paper Draft
Monday, June 8, 15
All actions are governed by morality.

As a society, we make actions every single day that we don 't even think twice about. We never sit back and ask ourselves what kind of an action did I just make? Was it a moral action, an immoral action, a action that has no relevance to morality? We just make them. most people would have a general agreement on how to distich and differentiate these actions in general but my research paper is arguing against everybody 's day to day beliefs. i think actions always have morality to someone even in the smallest of these actions. I believe that morality is what drives us as humans beings to do what we do on a daily, hourly, and minutely basis. In my research, I believe that every action contains some kind of moral relevance, even if the person didn 't realize it. Subconsciously we make decisions that we may think are non-moral actions, yet have a moral idea driving the action. “The Secret Joke of Kant’s Soul” was typical of what I have read in other Deontologists who argue that the primary justification for punishment is retribution. That is, to give those who make wrong decisions what they deserve based on what they’ve done, regardless of whether this punishment will actually stop a future event from happening. If we stop to analyze just what people call “moral principles” we will quickly discover they fall into two very dissimilar camps. The first is called absolute
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