All Agree In Recognising That Fact Females Exist In The

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All agree in recognising that fact females exist in the human species; today as always they make up about one half of humanity. And yet women are told that feminity is in danger; they are exhorted to be women, remain women, and become women. Very often privilege depends upon inequality of members majority impose its rule upon the minority or persecutes it. But women are not a minority; there are as many women as men on earth. Again, the two groups concerned have often been originally independent; they may have been formerly unaware of each other’s existence or perhaps they recognized each other’s autonomy.
The domination of women by men was evident in every institution, every political relationship, every work of literature; every personal
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Many feminists hold that the categories of gender (that is “feminine and masculine), unlike the categories of sex (male and female), are created and defined by culture. Our culture creates these categories and the social and political status that goes along with them, and our culture can change those categories and their status.
Socialization of both sexes to basic patriarchal polities with regard to temperament, role and status. As to status, a pervasive assent to the prejudice of male superiority guarantees superior status in the male, inferior in the female. Temperament involves the formation of human personality along the stereotype lines of sex category, based on the needs and values of the dominant group and dictated by what its members cherish in themselves and find convenient in subordinates: aggression, intelligence, force and efficacy in ‘male’; passivity, ignorance, docility, ‘virtue’, and ineffectuality in the ‘female’.
Sex role decrees a consonant and highly elaborate code of conduct, gesture and attitude for each sex. In terms of activity, sex role assigns domestic service and attendance upon infants to the female, the rest of human achievement, interest, and ambition to male. The limited role allotted to female tends to arrest her at the level of biological experience. Therefore, nearly all that can be described as distinctly human rather than animal activity is largely reserved for the male.
The humanity is male and man defines woman not in
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