All Art, Including Music, Is Directly Influenced By The

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All art, including music, is directly influenced by the environment in which the artist lives. It is impossible to create art in a vacuum, unaffected by the society and events surrounding you. The time period, location, and social changes and innovations can have a direct effect on the art produced. Political events, especially wars, can have a strong influence on the music and art produced at that time. For example, music may become more patriotic during a time of war as the composers strive to publicize their national pride. I will explore this idea through the composer Igor Stravinsky and his three most famous ballets in terms of music and choreography. Since I have a retrospective perspective, I will be able to analyze the situation…show more content…
His wide range of locations creates an expansive social and political influence on his works and their choreography. Similar to many famous composers, Stravinsky did not study music from the time he was a small child, but studied law and philosophy at St Petersburg University (Taruskin, White). Throughout the course of his life, Stravinsky composed almost 100 works, ranging in genres. He began to be commissioned by the Ballet Russes in 1909 and by the following year was asked by Serge Diaghilev to produce The Firebird (Taruskin, White). The Ballet Russes was a Paris ballet company run by Serge Diaghilev that was known for its creative and inventive performances. Many people did not like the Ballet Russes innovative style and chose to watch classic ballet companies instead in order to continue the classical style that many believed ballet should express. However, Diaghilev was determined to do something unique with his ballet company and they made their performances extremely modern (Lockspeiser). The Firebird was the work that set Stravinsky’s career on fire, and allowed his name to become spoken with respect and fame. It premiered at the Paris Opera on June 25, 1910. It may have been fate that this commission was offered to Stravinsky because it is said that the Ballet Russes originally commissioned another composer for this piece, but that his slow progress forced them to offer it to

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