All Behaviour Has Meaning. Does Positive Behaviour Support

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All behaviour has meaning. Does positive behaviour support approaches help develop skills for people with learning disabilities, and reduce levels of challenging behaviour.


All behaviour happens for a reason and challenging behaviour is no different. Behaviour takes many forms whether that’s hurting themselves or others and may take a serious impact of an individual’s daily life. It has often been temporarily dealt with temporary solutions and short time fixes and normally doesn’t address the reason as to why the behaviour is happening and what the meaning behind the actions are. The National Health Service presented that a large number of people with learning disabilities are being largely medicated without clinical
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Aim 3: To determine how staff training for Positive Behaviour Support has improved the lives of people with learning disabilities
Objective 3a): To establish what training is provided for personal behaviour support and what guidelines and factors need to be met.
Objective 3b): To establish the outcome of Positive Behaviour Support and whether it has enhanced the lives of people with learning disabilities when all regulations and factors are met from the training guide.

Rationale for my methodology

Aim 1: To determine that adults with learning disabilities can develop new skills due to Positive Behaviour Support.
Objective 1a): To uncover what skills adults had before the use of the Positive Behaviour Support.
Objective 1b): To discover if people with learning disabilities developed new skills due to Positive Behaviour Support, and if so what skills were developed or gained.

To establish whether adults with learning disabilities can develop new skills I will need to investigate what the base line skills were and whether Positive Behaviour Support has allowed a person to develop on previous skills or gain new skills. I will achieve this by look at primary research such as a case study. I will carry out a systematic analysis of a case study about Positive Behaviour Support to allow my conclusion to be more broad and more accurate. I will get this information from websites of respected organisations within the learning disability
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