All Children Have A Right To A Home With Loving People

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All children have a right to a home with loving people to care for them. But each year over 6,000 children are abused, neglected or abandoned by their families. Many are removed from their homes and placed in foster care or other out-of-home placements. Eventually, they end up in court. Their only “crime” is that they have been victims. This is where CASA comes into the picture. What do CASA volunteers do? CASA Volunteers are Court Appointed Special Advocates for children. They are trained community volunteers appointed by judges to speak up for children in the juvenile court system. CASA Volunteers are provided at least 32 hours of initial training to prepare them to become effective advocates. Trainings include information about what…show more content…
CASA are required to visit with their case children at least once a month. This provides the children with stability and consistency and allows the CASA 's to better understand the needs of the children, as well as the children themselves. Some CASA 's build and maintain positive, trusting relationships with their case children, much like mentors. Some of the best things that I learned, where do I start... I learned something new everyday working on my case. I would have to say some of the things that I learned was 1. Never give up and always have hope. 2. Have dreams and believe in tomorrow. 3. Listen to them. 4. Build trust. 5. Always be there for them, when they need you, sometimes you are all they got. 6. We (CASA) are their only voice and they count on us to be there for them and when the child lets down the wall we cannot let them down. I 've also learned that making a silly/funny faces in court is usually an ice breaker for all the tension in the court room to make everyone, realize that the child is a real person not just an object. The challenges I faced were sometimes the parents or foster parents, teachers, and medical staff may not understand my role as a CASA volunteer on a case. I just try to share what my duties and responsibilities are as a CASA, as well as a copy of my court order. Usually by then they corporate. If the barriers continues, I would then contact my

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