All Christians Must Agree That God Created Our Universe Essay

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All Christians would agree that God created our universe. The creation story is one of the first bible stories taught in Sunday school because it is one of the many foundational beliefs that makes a Christian, Christian. Unfortunately, since creation is well known and a foundational belief, it is often overlooked and not fully understood. The definition of creation was something new I discovered while researching this topic. According to Bible Hub, the Greek word for creation is κτίσις, often meaning the founding of a city or always of Divine work. The second part of this definition is the definition used in Genesis 1. As Christians, our entire purpose in life is to serve God and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). Ironically, many fail to study the beginning on how God created the first disciples. Also, some Christians have differing opinions on how old the earth is and whether the earth was actually created in six days. Scholars who support the young earth creationism theory believe the earth and everything in it were miraculously created in six literal days (144 hours). Scholars who support the progressive creationism theory still believe the earth was miraculously created, but in a much longer time span rather than six days (lecture notes). This can create conflict. What some fail to recognize is the fact that God’s creation is magnificent no matter how it specifically happened. The creation story in the Old Testament is arguably the most important,
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