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All Connected The government is watching your every move, listening to every word, keeping you in line. One wrong move and you’re done for. 1984 is a novel that focuses on four main people and is set in the future from when it was written. The government has total control over everything you do and if you slip up it could mean vaporization. Four people that don’t really know each other enter into each other’s lives and things get interesting. Winston Smith is the first character that comes into play. He works for the Ministry of Truth, editing history. He has a sense of what is wrong and right. He knows he must follow the government, however, he has deeper thoughts of a revolution. “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.” Winston is a very smart individual. He knows, feels, that he is right in two plus two making four despite being told that it equals five. He wants a rebellion and is against what the government does. When he’s editing history in the department, sometimes he fudges it up a bit. Next comes Julia. Julia is a love interest for Winston, in fact, they have an affair. She works in the Fiction Department at the Ministry of Truth. She is a tall dark haired woman. She rebels against the government for fun, not for a bigger purpose unlike WInston. Winston didn’t…show more content…
Charrington. Mr. Charrington is the junk shop owner. Above the junk shop is a room which Winston and Julia rent from time to time. The junk shop is also where Winston buys the journal he writes in in chapter one. Mr. Charrington and Winston converse about the past as they share an interest in it. “Mr. Charrington, it seemed, was a widower aged sixty-three and had inhabited this shop for thirty years.” Mr. Charrington allows Julia and Winston to rent out the room, despite it not having a telescreen. So to them, he seems like an understanding person. It turns out that he is a part of the Thought
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