All God 's Children By Fox Butterfield

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All God 's Children by Fox Butterfield is a stunning story about a teenage murderer, Willie James Bosket, and the heritage of violence within his family. Through some incredibly creative and thorough research, Butterfield traces Willie 's family back to the Deep South where they had been slaves and provides in-depth portrayals of each family member in order to give a comprehensive historical overview through each generation. The pattern of violence and its connection to the culture of the South makes a very compelling case for the values of the antebellum South, as they translate to a modern urban environment, where drugs and guns are readily available, and hope is fleeting, as a root cause in our culture 's creation of violent sociopathic children like Willie Bosket. Author James Baldwin told an audience at a benefit for the reform school attended by the Boskets: ``These are all our children. We will profit by, or pay for, whatever they become. ' ' His words are quoted at the beginning of the book and are particularly powerful since they were said at the Wiltwyck School for Boys. The trafficking of slaves in South Carolina was huge, which created a society based on bondage. The vast force needed to run such a society was a major contributor to violence in the South. Slaves were treated brutally, for example the standard number of lashes for a whipping was thirty-nine, which was based on an old biblical injunction, but some masters whipped their slaves more severely or…
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