All Halloween Research Paper

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Three weeks after our arrival in California, a group of children knocked at our front door at twilight, dressed in strange costumes. When Aunt Lis opened the door, they chimed “Trick or treat!”and she gave them each a handful of candy. Just as the group cheered in appreciation while they left our house, another group of kids showed up for a repeat of the same. “What in the world was going on?” we asked. Noke and Lis quickly explained that it was Halloween; an annual tradition celebrated on October 31. The word Halloween is a shortening of All Hallows’ Eve and trick-or-treating, is an activity for children who proceed from house to house, dressed in costumes, asking for a “treat” with the question, “Trick or treat?” The “trick” is a lighthearted threat to play a prank on the homeowner or his property if no treat; usually in the form of candy, is given. Trick-or-treating is one of the main traditions of Halloween and the beginning of the Holiday Season. Ellen and I were fascinated and eager to join the festivities, consequently, Aunt Lis loaned me a blue and white Japanese Kimono and a pair of house slippers while Ellen dressed in Oma’s housecoat and shoes. Chaperoned by our mom and Aunt Lis, we carried an empty white pillowcase to hold all the candy we anticipated collecting and off we went to the neighbors’ homes for our first trick-or-treating experience. After only an hour’s effort, we returned with our pillowcases nearly full of candy, including a few oranges, apples and coins. What an amusing country…show more content…
Aunt Lis and Noke brought home a Christmas tree and gave Ellen and I full charge of decorating with electric lights, blown glass ornaments and angel hair. Suddenly, I thought of Pappa and I missed him when I stretched the delicate floss on the tree without
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