All I Asking for Is My Body Essay

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Reading Response Paper for “All I Asking for is My Body” ------------------------------------------------- 1. “Someday you’ll have your punishment. You’ll have an unfilial son like you,” mother said. “At least I won’t saddle him with a “$6,000 debt,” Tosh said. “And I’ll send him to high school and college. You people are upside down. The parents should owe the children, not the children the parents. Look at the haoles. Obligation is to the children. Traditionally, “filial piety” has been greatly stressed among the Eastern culture for a long period of time. Filial piety basically means to care and support one’s elderly parents; it has been a top priority in part of the children’s upbringing. The novel All I Asking for is My Body…show more content…
Indeed, Kiyoshi’s parents were a great example of those who truly adapted this special spirit into their daily activities and had strongly stressed these values to their children. They have done their part in guiding their children towards their individual development in reaching full rationality. If Tosh continues to keep up with his despicable attitude, he might eventually end up with children of his own who act just like him and would mistreat him in the future. Therefore, Kiyoshi and Tosh should feel indebted to their parents’ sacrifice and inclined to fulfill their role as children to help resolve the family debt. The outcome of the $6,000 debt was not actually caused by their grandfather’s sinful wrongdoing but by natural disasters. In the novel, Tosh’s mother explained to her children that “In 1922, grandfather finally saved enough money to repay his debts in Japan and open his store in Tokyo. However, the next year the earthquake wiped out everything” (Murayama 16). Thus, this tragedy was beyond Grandfather’s control. If this incident did not happen, there was a higher chance that Grandfather would have the ability to pay off his debt and would not rely on his posterity to seek for solutions. As life is full of ups and downs, every family will eventually experience some form of trial during
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