All I Know About Manufacturing I Learned In Joe's Garage Summary

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A book is portable knowledge. Such is the case of a book by William B. Miller and Vicki L. Schenk titled, All I Need to Know about Manufacturing I Learned in Joe’s Garage. Published by Bayrock Press in 2012, this book has a short, easy-to-read style that helps the reader understand and apply principles of world class manufacturing. In this book report, I will focus on story description and literary elements, analysis, and evaluation of the story from a student’s perspective. First of all, the setting of the story takes place in the garage and backyard area of Joe’s house. Joe is a company colleague of Sandy, the protagonist of the story, who gives a first-person perspective of Joe’s weekend shelf production project. Another major character is Ralph. He is Sandy’s neighbor and a worker from a different company. The mood of the story is serious, but down-to-earth, since its tone is conversation rather than instructional. It follows that on the day…show more content…
By giving a plot summary, I focus on Sandy’s point of view, regarding Joe’s Saturday shelf project. Also, I mention that a third person point of view would help the reader to witness the thoughts and actions of Joe, Ralph, and other project volunteers. Nevertheless, the book’s simplicity allows the reader to understand the workflow of Joe’s project better. This creates a thoughtful, but conversational tone that complements the story’s overall mood. Since I find the book a useful, educational resource for manufacturing engineering students and professionals, I would suggest it to other readers in my field. The book offers a worthwhile reading experience that teaches many important key concepts in world class manufacturing. As a result, readers gain much knowledge, as they learn how to design and implement similar
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