All I Need Is You

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All I Need Is You
By Lecrae
The song “All I Need is You” is one of Lecrae’s most popular songs. The overarching theme of most of his music is his relationship with God and the strength God has given him to become a good person. The song itself is really good even without really understanding the lyrics. The lyrics he use are very similar to a guy praying to God. Also the beat to the song is very cool and is one of the main reason why I like the song so much. This song was nominated for a grammy for “Best Rap Performance” in 2014. I do have a bias towards lecrae because he is one of my favorite artists in both rap and gospel music.
The song was given great critical acclaim by those in the religious field and by the mainstream music industry. Lecrae is a devout Christian and he is not afraid to talk about very controversial social ideas in most of his music. In this song however, he was mainly talking about the struggle he has staying true to his faith. He brings up the “Valley of Shadows”, this is another term for the darkness or evil that is in the world. Then in the next line he says “But all I need is you”. The overall message of the story is that God is all anyone needs to make it in the world and that all of the things people think are cool, drugs and alcohol. Another interesting thing is that he actually only says God one time, but the whole song is about God. The style of the song was like he was praying to God and praising him for in great power and mercy he has…
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