All I Need Is You

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All I Need Is You
By Lecrae
The song “All I Need is You” is one of Lecrae’s most popular songs. The overarching theme of most of his music is his relationship with God and the strength God has given him to become a good person. The song itself is really good even without really understanding the lyrics. The lyrics he use are very similar to a guy praying to God. Also the beat to the song is very cool and is one of the main reason why I like the song so much. This song was nominated for a grammy for “Best Rap Performance” in 2014. I do have a bias towards lecrae because he is one of my favorite artists in both rap and gospel music.
The song was given great critical acclaim by those in the religious field and by the mainstream music
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I think this song relates to our class because Lecrae is able to make gospel/rap music which is a mixture of old teachings with modern day culture. He also talks about major social issues and how he thinks about them through his religious ideas. This is why I believe that this song is relevant to this class and why it has been so successful in the music industry.

Why God probably doesn’t exist? This youtube video is a part of the discovery channel and I found it very unsupported in many aspects. The video is meant to give an argument for suggesting that God did not exist. He uses evidence such as quotes from scientists and lack of proof about Jesus’ existence. The man presenting the argument seems very biased towards an atheistic view and he does not do a very good job hiding it. I know I have a strong bias towards the existence of God but I have am able to give stronger proof than using quotes from some scientist that do not believe in God. The argument that scientist do not believe in God was debunked in an earlier video where he claims that two/thirds of scientists believe in God, so just because two of the most notable did not believe in God is not efficient enough evidence to use. He also compares the evidence of Siddhartha Gautama’s existence to the lack of evidence of Jesus’ existence. First off the speaker in the video made a claim that Jesus’ did not exist and there was no primary sources
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