All In Start Up: Launching A New Ideas When Everything Is On The Line

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In the book, “All in Startup: Launching a New Ideas When Everything is on the Line” the main character Owen Chase, the business owner of Rebicycle, attends The World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas. After talking to a successful entrepreneur, Samantha, he finally realizes his flawed business model and decided to turn things around with the help of her mentorship.
Owen’s initial business model was an online platform where cyclists could find and buy low price bicycles that were made from slightly used quality parts. His employees included, several mechanics, Gary from craigslist to secure wholesale parts, a web designer, two marketing interns, and his wife Lisa who was the bookkeeper. When identifying a problem, Owen initially thought that his main problem was that the cost for a bike was high and better bikes were even more expensive. His target customers were people who knew the quality of the bikes but were cost conscious. The headquarters for Rebicycle was in Industrial part of town with aluminum and vinyl siding and on the inside it felt
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The company went from attempting to create an online platform for bike consumers to now developing an invaluable product for government bike share programs across the nation. Although Sam did offer to invest in Rebicycle Owen wrote her a letter of decline. During the moments he wrote he received an email from a city in the Netherlands which is now giving the possibility for international opportunities and customers are now finding Rebicycle without doing anything. He thinks it’s too soon for investment and they still have yet to complete a transaction where rebicycle will supply an entire fleet or figure out what level of maintenance and support are required. There is just too many assumptions left unresolved and would like to revisit the conversation of investment with Sam in 6
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