All Is Fair in Love and War

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Joshua Anderson Professor Sarada Conaway Art History 105 November 17, 2012 All is Fair in Love and War There is a saying that is passed around within the military community that states, “For those who have never served, freedom has a taste the protected will never know.” Freedom has been protected at all costs throughout the centuries and people have been inspired for centuries through the use of art. In regards to those individuals that do fight for that freedom, the people of their country generally tend to respect and honor their label. One of the most inspiring resources political parties used to create an opinion for the people to support is artist work. With the use of art in both the statue of Augustus of Primaporta and…show more content…
In a way, the statue could be viewed as subliminal messaging because of his stance, title and clothing, however, it is not as evident as it is in the second image, Precision Pride. Precision Pride is a pencil drawing depicting “the Marine Special Operations Command forces and their combat deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom”. ( As anyone can see, the drawing has many Marines throughout the print. One Marine is parachuting from a plane, another is patrolling the waters and other men are simply holding guns. The Marine that stands out the most from the others, is the Marine in the top right corner, second person in. His stance is similar to that of Augustus because his demeanor is that of confidence, authority, and protection; as if to portray that he would go through hell and back to defend what is his. While his stance is strong, his facial expression is calm, but intimidating at the same time. The motto of the Marine Corps League is, “Once a Marine, always a Marine” ( slogans.htm). This is a true statement. Once a person has earned the title of a Marine, almost like earning the title of Imperator, they will always be included in an elite group of men and women, whether they are retired, active duty, or reserve. Precision Pride is a
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