All Managers Are Hr Managers

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“All Managers are HR Managers?” Executive summary: In this paper the relationship between managers and HR managers will be discussed with regard to some of the primary HRM practices, such as recruitment, performance appraisal, compensation and benefits, and training & development. The importance of HR to organizational success is discussed highlighting the importance of HR and its use as a strategic tool. Both HRM and management are reviewed and the interrelationship between the two is established within the structure of SME’s. Many smaller companies don’t have separate HR departments and often don’t implement elaborate HR systems, but rather limit these activities to the processing of administrative tasks and the more strategic…show more content…
So it can be said that the degree and complexity of HR practices will become more distant from normal managerial tasks as the size of the organisation grows. This does not mean that one system is superior to the other but more that one is an outcome of growth. So the HR-practices in SMEs are not better or worse than those in larger corporations, they just follow a different logic. [3] Management and HRM: [3.1] Human Resource Management: (Raymond J. Stone, 2008, pp. 3) describes Human Resource Management as “The Productive use of people in achieving the organisations strategic objectives and the satisfaction of individual employee needs” Businesses that have implemented a specific HR department usually employ HR experts to operate and implement HR related tasks. A specialised manager or department is usually effective from a company consisting of 50 or more employees. Obviously as stated earlier the complexity of which would increase with the size of the company. [3.2] Management: (Cronje, Du Toit, Marais, & Motlatla, 2003, pp. 122) Defines management as “The Process whereby Human, Financial, Physical and Information Resources are employed in order to reach the goals of the organisation” There are generally 2 different types of managers; Functional (specialised for different departmental functions within the organisation) and General (integrates all the functional). In a small company these functions could be combined

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