All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin: Book Review

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ASSIGNMENT OF MARKETING APPLICATION ON BOOK REVIEW OF “ALL MARKETER’S ARE LIARS” SUBMITTED TO All Marketers Are Liars” Introduction With that provocative title and opening salvo, well known author, marketing expert and business blogger Seth Godin takes the reader on another landmark journey into the marketing field. After reading All Marketers Are Liars, your approach to marketing, advertising, and your own buying habits will never be the same again. While Seth Godin begins with the disarming premise that marketing people are liars, he softens that stance to marketers are story tellers. Good marketers are story tellers, and like all great tales, myths, and fiction, the facts are not essential. What is really important to a good…show more content…
By combining the lessons of all three books, the marketer can successfully create a unique business, spread the business idea, and now live the story of that business. As a group, the three books outline a powerful marketing strategy that involves both the company itself and its customers. Not ignoring his own lessons, Seth Godin has added the buzz building touch of long Pinocchio style fake noses for his readers. As a meme, the noses build a story, and spread the book’s idea. Are all marketers truly liars, or do the business customers the ones who create the lie? Seth answers that question very well with the fake liar’s noses. The reader wearing the nose has already internalized the story. It’s no longer a lie, but a true story. The reader listening to and understanding Seth Godin’s marketing philosophy internalizes the book’s concepts of storytelling, into her own worldview. The book and its story becomes a truth for that reader. REVIEW While the title may be a bit gimmicky, it is a common belief shared by many people – just like other stereotypes such as all politicians are crooks, all lawyers are greedy, and all used car salesmen are pushy. But that common belief emphasizes a key point. We all view life from a particular worldview that we’ve constructed from our own experiences, beliefs, and knowledge. This worldview acts as a bias or filter for how we interpret what’s going on around us right now. You and I might hear the same set of facts, but

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