All Men Are Created Equal: Except Women

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The image that is usually placed with feminism is that of a rabid, bra-burning, lesbian running around disclaiming the patriarchy. It could be that of a mid-century housewife complaining about how her only career choices are between teacher and secretary, or even of a woman with a sash and banner walking in front of the White House; preaching about her right to vote. However, this isn't necessarily the case. Ever since the rise of the internet, in the late 20th Century, feminism has had a revival causing it to grow in popularity and spread across forums everywhere. Women are joining this “third wave” movement to bring an end to the societal injustices that still plague the gender today (qtd. in Haslanger et al.). Feminism currently…show more content…
Laurie observes that the problem is that “bland sexual performance is still the only power this society grants to young women, and it grants it grudgingly, rushing to judge and humiliate them whenever they claim it.”(Penny). Women are being made inferior by the media and society shaming women for using their sexuality, whereas men are encouraged. Feminism would provide women with the ability to use their sexuality however they want without the prejudice that comes to only females who use it.
Shaming women for having sex on their own terms is awful, but we also shame them for making choices for their own bodies after they have sex. Abortion is a very controversial problem in America since it terminates the pregnancy of a woman, killing the unborn fetus. However, the mother may not be capable of raising the child herself and therefore makes the decision for the future of herself and the unborn baby. It is currently being pushed that abortion should be made illegal to promote chastity and sex before the woman is ready for the responsibilities of motherhood, however making abortion illegal will also bring many health concerns for the mother:
“Out of desperation, they [women] may seek help from unqualified, unregulated providers who work in unsanitary conditions and provide no post-surgical care. Equally dangerous, women may attempt to induce

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