All My Sons - What do you believe to be the social, moral message

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All My Sons - What do you believe to be the social, moral message of the play? How does Miller convey this to his audience?

Arthur Miller’s play, ‘All my sons’ contains many different social, moral messages. Within this play Miller has successfully portrayed the moral dilemma as to where responsibility begins and where it ends.
Choices and decisions occur throughout the play, with each character having to make their own decision. Miller questions forgiveness through all the characters especially the Keller family. Can any one be truly forgiven? Guilt is also a huge theme within this play. In
‘all my sons’ Miller confronts the issue of a sinner accepting his sin and recognising what he has done wrong. In this case, Joe Keller
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He doesn’t follow the traditional American dream like his father. Chris’ eyes are open to reality. The American dream is to “do what you must to achieve your goal.”
Miller attacks this and conveys his views upon the American dream by the consequences of Keller’s actions. You cannot displace morals and do what you wish to get what you want. You have to remember the ripple effect and this is what Miller shows his audience. What you do affects other people too. Keller sacrifices the lives of others to keep what he had achieved. If he hadn’t followed his distorted perception of the
American dream he would of lost everything but the soldiers would of survived. Although there are many moral issues, I personally feel that the most important issue is that if during your pursuit for success you hurt or endanger others. You are not a success you have failed, failed to live morally right.

Miller conveys the issues of the play in a theatrical tradition similar to that of the ancient Greek plays. Each action in they play has repercussions throughout and each section entwines with another.
With the use of stage directions and dramatic speeches Miller makes sure the play is performed in a way that catches the audiences attention and draws them in. The three acts all take place over the course of one day and whole play is acted on the same set. This makes the audience feel more involved with the play and they can relate to it more
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