All Night Texting

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Effects of All-Night Texting
In this rapidly progressing world, technology has brought society an easy and effective way to communicate with one another through the use of smartphones. When texting first came out, it wasn’t very popular but now it seem like we can’t go a day without sending text messages. Although texting is useful, it can harm our social lives, it can affect our academics (speech pattern and grammar) , and can also cause poor mental health when used at the wrong times; especially at night. We see this changes especially but not limiting to teens. Teenagers have adopted all night texting as if it was natural. For many teens, texting in the night is an important part of social life and therefore cannot be done without it.
Firstly, people have taking texting by storm, they do it every where, while doing anything, and that is not okay. Such behavior can be dangerous particularly when performing certain activities that require a person’s full attention like sleeping. Teens stay up all night texting, (“I would know because I’m one of them”) instead of sleeping and this can pose a threat to the person’s social/physical lives. After a sleepless night, one
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For example, chronic insomnia may increase an individual’s risk of developing a mood disorder, such as depression and anxiety. The most common effect of sleepless night is insomnia. In one major study of 10,000 adults, people with insomnia were five times more likely to develop depression. Lack of sleep may be an even greater risk factor for anxiety. In the same study, people with insomnia were 20 times more likely to develop panic disorder ( a type of anxiety disorder) ( Harvard Medical School, “Sleep and Disease Risk”). Not to mention obesity, Diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, immune function et cetera. All these health problems are linked back to sleepless
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