All Of The Good And Bad Relationships That Came From The Book, Pride And Prejudice

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Almost everyone in the world wants a relationship. Someone to call their own and to be someones. Now a days, people meet each other through school or some type of social media. However, back to when Pride and Prejudice took place (between 1796 and 1813), things were a little different. A girl back then would usually meet a man through their parents and would eventually marry that man. In this essay one will learn about all of the good and bad relationships that came from the book, Pride and Prejudice. In the book the Bennets are considered and unhealthy couple. Reason is because Mr. Bennet shows no respect of love for his wife. There are many faults to this marriage, but that is the main reason. He also shows no love to her or even spend time with her, he spends most of his time in his study alone and does not want to be disturbed. “I would like to have the library to my self, as soon as maybe” (said by Mr. Bennett). I believe he seems to act sarcastically and arrogant to his wife. The way he makes rude comments to her is not really being a true man. Marriage means that you love the person that you have giving everything to, that you need to show them the care and compassion that they need. However, when we, the people from this time period, look upon this marriage, we see it as an unhealthy and a marriage that will go down the toilet basically, but back then to that time period is was a normal and typical marriage because back then, marriage was based on money, not love

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