All Of The Three Evils

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Thus far, this section is the most enlightening when contemplating my day-to-day experiences in the Church. As Pope Francis calls us to missionary spirituality, I can embrace the invitation and pragmatically layout how I would approach it on a daily basis. I am anxious of impediments in living out this spirituality. After reading this section, I am at ease and peace knowing that we are not alone in this struggle. Pope Francis addresses the issues head-on without wavering from an enthusiasm that can only come from the true Joy of the Gospel.
In saying yes to the missionary spirituality we renew our faith rooted in our baptism and confirmation. Pope Francis sheds light on the three evils which derail our “Yes” to this missionary spirituality. #78 “As a result, one can observe in many agents of evangelization, even though they pray, a heightened individualism, a crisis of identity and a cooling of fervor. These are three evils which fuel one another.” In all of the three evils the self is the center instead of God. We live in an “I” society and this mentality has definitely trickled into the Church. The “your way right away” individualized consumerism is how people have been conditioned and they expect this in all areas of life. Sadly, this is true for those who serve the church as staff, lay minsters and volunteers. I observed and dealt with situations in where you have two individuals speaking at each other instead of to each other. At times of registration at…
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