All Of Us Have Done Things We Knew Was Wrong

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All of us have done things we knew was wrong at least once in our lives. However, I doubt a significant number of you have truly destroyed the lives of others. Everyone has known someone that has used and manipulated them, like that friend in middle school that was only around because you always had gum. However, I doubt a large portion of people have had to deal with some this manipulative. Jim is a plain looking man, whose obsession with power caused damage to various lives. To most people Jim wouldn’t stand out. He was a terribly average looking man in his mid-thirties, that would blend seamlessly into almost any crowd. Jim was a extremely clean cut man with no interesting facial hair. He was about five feet and eleven inches tall, with an average build. Jim had short reddish-brown hair that was always neatly combed and well maintained. His facial feature were also uninteresting. He had naturally thin eyebrows that appeared to be maintained. His were a soft brown that were surrounded by dark but short eyelashes. Jim, like most people, change his outfits based on what he was doing that day, but even then he didn’t stand out much. For casual wear Jim would wear solid colored tee-shirts and jeans on most days. Occasionally, on days when there were sporting events, his solid colored shirts would be replaced with one with sports team logos. When going to work or a special event Jim would wear khakis or black slacks and a dressing long sleeve. His choice of outfits on workdays

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