All Quiet On The Western Front Monologue Analysis

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They Matter My fingers go numb with the dawn breeze. I refuse to complain as I hear the trumpet play. They didn’t complain, not once. I feel another cold hand touch mine, I look down to see Ellie holding my hand. “Charlotte, why do we march? Why do we wake up so early?” She yawns. “We march for them” I finish, “for the men and women who died for our country. Let me tell you a story……… His hands plowed the dirt as he planted the seeds. Each one being dropped in a small plour of dirt being rustled over and over, just like the tossing thoughts in his head. He knew he would go to the same place his father had. Die at the same cove. In the same country. Where the sand is damp from blood. But who knew what they would say, what they would do to stop the war. He lifted boot after boot heading home, passing paddock by paddock thinking about his family,…show more content…
An old man fell out of the boy’s boat, the battle was on! Gunshots were fired every time he breathed and people around him groaned in the agony of the bullet embedded in their flesh. They were killing the enemy one by one and the enemy was doing the same. Boat by boat soldiers were dying. That’s when he took his last breath as the german bullet met his head! All was dark, all was silent. Never would he see his sister or brother again. His poor old mother, without a husband, now without her eldest son. Each day his heartbroken mother would sit at home, in her old wooden rocking chair, waiting for him to come home from a hard day on the farm. But he never came! War affects everyone. From the families of those who died to the man and woman who made it home. In World War 1 alone seventeen million people died. Most of the soldiers who survived came back with either lifelong scars, insanity or missing a phew limbs. We must remember them, our enemies, our allies, our friends. For all made the ultimate

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