All Relationships Between A Mother And A Daughter

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Not all relationships between a mother and a daughter are the same, but involves human interaction. Every mother differs in their teaching and upbringing of their children, especially their daughters. A mother’s love and compassion for her child, wants the best for her child. Sometimes, her love is rigorous because she does not want her daughter to go through her experiences in life. Written by Jamaica Kincaid, in “Girl” the mother is teaching her child to take care and defend herself. Written by Amy Tan, in “Two Kinds” the mother is trying to help her daughter discover her talent. A mother instructs her daughter to obey rules and modes of conduct in order for her to be successful. Mothers are strict when it comes to instructing their daughters of how to build a proper identity for themselves. “On Sundays try to walk like a lady and not like a slut you are so bent on becoming; don’t sing benna in Sunday school; you mustn’t speak to wharf-rat boys, not even to give directions; don’t eat fruits on the streets-flies will follow you” (Kincaid 320). Basically, mothers want their daughter to care about their appearance and to look clean in society. The mother does not want her daughter’s name to be spreading of how nasty she dresses in public. The girl’s mother wants her to not only look like a lady, but act as one. She wants her child to have respect for herself and respected for others, by not singing in school. If she does what her mother tells her to do; therefore
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