All Schools Have A Legal Obligation Essay

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All schools have a legal obligation to adhere to legislations which are required in order to promote equality and prevent discrimination in schools. There is a number of Legislation which has a direct impact on how schools work such as: The Education Act 1996 provides access in schools to the national curriculum, provides compulsory education to children, and requires pupils to attend school. It also sets assessments such as coursework and exams to monitor learning, provides advice and guidance to schools and grants school the opportunity to allow children to enter GCSE exams earlier. The Education Act 2002 his Act also provides guidelines for staffing requirements including essential qualifications for class teachers and teaching assistants. It encourages community cohesion and strengthens links between schools and community based organisations for e.g. working with the Salvation Army to help collect food for the homeless during Xmas, Easter times during school. The Data Protection Act 1998: ensures that any personal information regarding parents, pupils and staff that is collected by schools remains confidential e.g. parentâ€TMs telephone numbers required in case they are needed to be contacted in the event of their child being sick, injured etc. This information cannot be shared with anyone who is not authorized to have it without parental consent. Teachers are only permitted to discuss information that is relevant with external practitioners who work with the child in
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