`` All Sex, All The Time `` By Theodore Dalrymple

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Theodore Dalrymple, in the essay “All Sex, All the Time” reflects on the change of view of the people about sex and how it has lead people into more confusion and conflict than before. Dalrymple’s real name being Anthony Daniels, he picked up the pseudonym of Theodore Dalrymple for the purpose of his essays. There were times when virginity was a pride to men and women. However, it still prevails in some countries, this custom and the people have been changing. He states that the world is now free to enjoy sexual pleasures without any fear of the myths and taboos that existed in history. Although people feel that they are satisfied and are free to choose this path of life, sex has lead people into “confusion, contradiction, and conflict” states Dalrymple (Dalrymple 1). Dalrymple takes the chance of stating how the world will be, in about a hundred years. He thinks that twelve year girls would be in the streets at night, as prostitutes, where police would be guarding them and health authorities would come by to distribute condoms to prevent any infections. Then, the common people would be given instruments to get rid of the condoms in their backyard and gardens. The reason behind this is that morals are dying; over the years, people have become non-judgmental. People feel that being non-judgmental is staying away from people’s wishes and letting them do what they like, in their own ways. Being non-judgmental, in this case affects those young girls, the public, the environment
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