All Shall Be Well Analysis

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Throughout the book Julian explains her beliefs and understandings of Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation that was given to his people. Julian has a strong emphasis on motherly love and how that plays a role in why God chose to give salvation to his people. Julian also talks about what she believes sin is, how love is a cause for many things, and how it all connects together. “All Shall Be Well” shows how Julian believes what God has done for us was done not thru wrath but something else. The first main thing that Julian talks about is what she believes sin and Hell are. Julian explains that she believes that sin is no-thing; it did not come from God and He is the cause of all things. She believes that sin and Hell are a part of misreading reality – unreality and self-created. She believes that Hell is the separation from God. Both Hell and sin cannot be a thing, according to Julian, because they cannot be a part of God; He is all things. God is holy and good and both sin and Hell are evil; therefore, cannot be a part of God’s being, or even in his presence. They are both are present in the world only because they are fitting. Sin and Hell make up nothing yet they are present because we have created it. Secondly is the story of Love. Julian believes that the story of Jesus Christ is one of Love. She does not believe it has anything to do with…show more content…
She believes that the reason why we suffer is because we love. That without suffering there could and would be no love. This can be explained by how Christ suffered, and still does, for us because he loves us: “and yet still he suffers for us” (p. 96). This is her prime example on why suffering is a part of loving. We could not love if there was no suffering, and that is why God lets us suffer. She believes that it was done this way because a world where love is possible can only be possible if it is a world where suffering is also a
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