All Shook Up: The Birth of Rockn´ Roll

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Rock ‘N’ Roll’s birth came after the Great Depression and World War II. It was in the 50’s called the baby boomers that started it all. It expanded the teenage population with 3.4 million babies born. The 1950’s scrap the ideology of a conservative family, where the father is the bread winner and the mother was a stay home mother. The young adults found an escape and enjoyment in Rock ‘N’ Roll. Rock ‘N’ Roll started from Southern Blacks slaves that migrated to the North. They brought in a sound of Rhythm and Blues. In it they talked about their hardships in the plantation and to end discrimination. It represented the life of the African-American working in the south. Rhythm and blues was a slow steady beat; it had a 2-4 beat drum and…show more content…
It was then many other artists started to name their songs after Rock ‘N’ Roll. It was none other than Elvis Presly who made it mainstream. When his first record was released it was an instant hit. Elvis was not a dull performer; he would tap his foot and jiggled with the music. He introduced the music of rockabilly to white teenagers. It was the beginning of the era of young adults and public sexuality. Rock ‘N’ Roll was the opportunity for African-Americans to get rid of segregation. It was also their opportunity to make black culture mainstream. But since white dictates, they fear blacks as part of their culture. They would shun and exploit performers, bleached their music and promote white Rock ‘N’ Roll instead. Whites believed that black Rock ‘N’ Roll promoted delinquency and sexuality to the children thus wanting it ban. When Nat King Cole was being assaulted and boycotted by the white community, the African-American have lost hope of being free. But it was when “Fats” Domino appeared. He becomes the first black Rock ‘N’ Roll millionaire. Many blacks were proud of him as he was the representative of influencing American Society. Many other African-Americans started to cross-over to the white market. They wanted to appeal to the white audience. Many black Rock ‘N’ Rolls went for a sweeter sound, better looks, and soothing lyrics. They would dress up in tuxedos and sing ballads. As it breaks down barriers it was opening doors for African-American artist and

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