All Society Has Ever Wanted Was The Creation Of The “Ideal

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All society has ever wanted was the creation of the “ideal women” (“Women in the 1950’s”). This idea crafted a clear image of what women and girls were supposed to imitate and incorporate into their gender roles trust upon them by society. Ever since this idea was established women have felt the need to conform to these expectations and forget their identities and self-interests. In society women are the gatherers, the diaper changers, the stain removers, the chefs and the teachers. Looking back to the 1950’s fantasy when life was “simple” where women were submissive to their husbands and men were the breadwinners. There are three main stereotypes for women. Firstly, that women are dependent upon men. Secondly that they cannot make…show more content…
I let society tell me that I have to be pretty, I have to be popular and outgoing and basically that I had to be perfect at everything. Thinking back at the girl I used to be does not even compare to the women I am now. The past me woke up and got ready for over an hour every morning before school, did all of her homework, studied for all her tests, went to school games and events, worked everyday after class, tutored other students, and barely slept. On average due to the stress of school I would only get four to five hours of sleep, which was not healthy. The strain to be perfect is too much and damn near impossible to achieve especially in high school where everyone tried to be better than everyone else. At the end of my senior year everything got to me. I was more stressed than ever to conform to societies norms and had had enough. That’s when I learned and taught myself that who cares what society thinks or anyone in general. We are all men and women struggling to fit under societies norms that were created by none other than men and women. To rid ourselves of what I think is our greatest unhappiness, we need to stop judging others completely and just accept who they are as people. Ever since then I have decided to only pursue what I personally am interested in resulted in turning me into the person I had always wanted to be. I grew a love for comic books and illustration, I go to
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