All Star Uniforms Case Study

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After transitioning to the shared space, inside Strike Zone Baseball, All Star Uniforms maximized marketing dollars by performing grass root marketing campaigns to reach new customers. Sharing email lists, presenting printed material and special offers to current Strike Zone customers saved thousands of dollars in the overall advertising budget. All Star Uniforms would also work with local game and practice facilities like Johnson County Park and Recreation and 3&3 Baseball to place small advertisements in and around the facility as well as web banners and special offers. While utilizing the relationship with Strike Zone training facility, All Star Uniforms would have a heavy flow of foot traffic which increased exposure to qualified customers…show more content…
Because there was not a large selection of companies capable of providing quality service and variety of products, this presents a problem that was addressed by All Star Uniforms. The focus of this feasibility study was to determine if a business like All Star Uniforms would survive and provide an appropriate amount of revenue to support a brick and motor location. Because an opportunity was established with Strike Zone Baseball to maximize underutilized space, this feasibility study did not explore expansion of the business as it pertained to a second location. This feasibility study did not explore the options of expansion of additional employees as business needs grew and focused primarily on the startup and growth period. Because the initial and primary focus of this business was baseball and softball, additional staffing was deemed unnecessary upon startup as the winter months were considered off season or inactive as well as decreased business in the summer and fall, All Star Uniforms operated on nontraditional hours. Most customers of All Star Uniforms did not perform coaching duties as a full time job and having a customer facing representation during traditional business hours was also determined to be
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