All Summer In A Day Essay

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All Summer In A Day The short story “All Summer In A Day” by Ray Bradbury describes how in planet Venus there is rain non-stop and the sun only comes out once in a day every seven years. Margot used to live on planet Earth, so she has felt and seen the sun before. The students “hated her pale snow face, her waiting silence, her thinness, and her possible future.” (Bradbury, 1954). To begin, the author uses craft moves to show the theme to show how Margot’s classmates were jealous. Using descriptive words, Bradbury gives a clear visual of the events of the children bullying Margot. The author uses similes to describe sun. “It’s like a fire, in the stove.” The jealousy of the children on Venus caused them to treat Margot poorly; this is shown…show more content…
Some examples are: “‘Speak when you’re spoken to.’ He gave her a shove.” “‘Get away!’ The boy gave her another push.” “All a joke!’ said the boy, and seized her roughly.” Harassment is when someone wrongly annoying, offensive, and troubling behavior. Margot’s classmates shoved, pushed, and roughly seized her. This shows that jealousy can lead to people hurting the person they are jealous of. When harassing Margot, they also said mean things to her and rejected her beliefs. They have done this countless times. “‘No it’s not!’ the children cried.” “‘You’re lying, you don’t remember!’ cried the children.” “Nothing! It was all a joke, wasn’t it?’” “‘Nothing’s happening today. Is it?” “‘Nothing, nothing!’” “‘All a joke’” When Margot describes the sun, everyone thinks she is lying. They do not want to admit that she knows how to sun looks and feels like. Since Margot’s classmates are jealous of her experiences, they do not want to believe her descriptions of the sun. Soon, jealousy lead to locking Margot in a closet. “‘Hey, everyone, let’s put her in a closet before the teacher comes!’” When being jealous, one could act like someone they are not.
Together, all these scenes showed that jealousy of another can lead to harassment, saying mean things, and bullying. The author
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