All Summer In A Day Theme Essay

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The short sci-fi story All Summer in A Day by Ray Bradbury is about being treated as an outcast and reveals the alienating effects that it may have. Sometimes this treatment is brought on by others. In this case, Margot is treated in this harsh manner because she isn’t the same as her classmates and they desire to have the life experiences that she has. Being outcast may not be the only main theme for this story in each reader’s mind. All Summer in A Day provides a multitude of possible themes. This may be the case, however, the children’s physical and emotional abuse of Margot is extreme and justifies this theme. As the time draws nearer for the sun to rise, Margot’s classmates become more brash and crue and at that moment, Margot is exponentially different from the other children in hr class. This concept of being outcast and…show more content…
Even though Margot may not have treated them with complete kindness, this is no way to interact with others. As the sun came closer, the children’s behavior got worse. “Hey everyone, let’s put her in the closet before teacher comes!” (Bradbury, paragraph 26) said one boy. Overall, this behavior that Margot’s classmates display is rude at the very least and violent at the most. Some readers may argue that this story has a different theme altogether. They may say that the story is about jealousy or greed, speaking of the other children’s need to see the sun and envy of Margot for remembering it. This is because there’s many possible main themes for All Summer in A Day. Each reader will formulate a slightly different one. Some may even attempt to tie this story to abusive behavior, claiming that the way Margot is treated by her classmates is abusive. The main theme in each reader’s mind truly depends on the views and opinions of the person creating
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